Posted by Neharika Sabharwal on August 01, 2010

Anuj Ranjan from Lucknow, was left with an injury in his abdomen after a road accident in 2006. Following the mishap, he underwent some routine treatment and was then discharged.

Diagnosed for tuberculosis
Anuj was in constant chest pain and suffered bouts of fever. The problem became aggravated with Anuj complaining of severe abdominal pain and breathlessness.

He underwent treatment in several Government Hospitals but none were able to detect the foreign body lodged in his chest despite taking out an X-Ray.

The doctors wrongly diagnosed him with tuberculosis and despite taking anti-tubercular treatment for over two years he got no relief.

VK Srivastava, Ranjan's father stated, "Things worsened and in 2008 he started vomiting blood. Doctors at a private hospital in Allahabad said my son was suffering from TB and till May 2010, he was treated for it.

"Last year, he developed a boil on the chest leaking pus and even air.”

A shocking revelation
However, once his condition started deteriorating, Anuj was brought to the capital where an X-ray once again revealed a large patch in the left lung.

Anuj was admitted to the hospital on July 12 for a complicated case of tuberculosis which required surgery.

According to Dr KK Pandey, senior Thoracic Oncosurgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital what began as a routine procedure for an infection in the chest cavity on July 30 led to some shocking revelations.

Dr KK Pandey said, “It was a routine surgery for us. We knew that he was on anti-tubercular treatment for 18 months and fistula is a known complication in such cases.

"While cleaning the infected portion in the chest I pulled out a small piece of leather and minutes later, I pulled out a long piece of leather belt.”

In a complicated surgery lasting four hours, doctors removed four pieces of leather belt and a small piece of cloth. The infection was so deep that a major portion of his left lung was also removed.

Belt lodged at time of accident
The doctors theorize that at the time of the accident the leather belt broke and entered his stomach along with the cotton cloth which then later passed on to his chest area.

When the doctors stitched up his wound, after the accident they were unaware that the piece of leather was left inside Anuj.

Dr. KK Pandey said: “The condition of the patient was not good and it was on high risk that I operated the patient.

"I have done many surgeries earlier in which I removed bullets and knifes from the patients body but to remove leather belt was my first experience”.

Following the removal of the foreign body, Anuj is recovering well.




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