Posted by Jasmine on August 29, 2010

The 28-year-old singer, who was accused of infecting her partners with HIV-virus known to cause AIDS, was given two-year suspended sentence along with order to serve 300 hours of community service with HIV-positive people.

Several news agencies, keeping tabs on the trails going on in Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt, Germany, reported on Thursday that Benaissa, managed to escape prison time as she has been expressing “deep remorse” since the beginning of the trail.

""I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could turn back the clock,” said Benaissa.

Reportedly, singer had unprotected intercourse on five occasions from 2000-2004 with three individuals.

One of singer’s victims revealed during the court hearing that he went for a check-up only after finding out from her aunt about the infection and his worst fear came true when his physician confirmed he’s infected.

Benaissa did not know, HIV transmissible?
Media reports also reported, the singer admitted knowing about her HIV status even before she established sexual relations with the men in question.

However, she revealed that she did not infect anyone intentionally as she believed that there’s little chance of her spreading the virus on to someone else.

Another reasons for not revealing her HIV-status was that she did not wanted to attract media attention, which might have ruined her band and her daughter’s future.

She went on to reveal that she found out first about her HIV-positive in 1999, when went for a regular check-up session as she was pregnant with her daughter.

As per a German court ruling in 1988, declared that it’s a criminal offence if a person with HIV did not inform his/her sexual partner about their condition.

Germany courts are known for punishing such offenders with lengthy prison time, considering the fact that offenders face up to 10-years in prison. However, Benaissa most certainly got off the hook quite easily.

Disappointing verdict
Escaping full-blown prison time is no doubt good news for the singer but there are people, who are not happy with court’s verdict.

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (DAH), an AIDS awareness group, is most certainly not cheering on favor of the verdict.

The group believes that this faulty verdict has put people with HIV-positive status at the further risk of being stigmatized in the society.

And now it is also going to be difficult for them to convince HIV-positive people to confess their status.



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