Posted by Neharika Sabharwal on November 23, 2010

According to recent survey by dieting company 'Go Lower,' women resort to all sorts of bizarre techniques before stepping on the scales in order to get favorable results and reduce their actual body weight.

Hannah Sutter of the weight loss firm Go Lower, which conducted the poll stated, "While there is a humorous side to the survey's findings, it does overall illustrate just how confused and distracted people are about weight and weight management.

"Our findings show that people who are busy weighing themselves know, quite rightly, that measuring weight is misleading since muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle is good whereas fat is bad.

"The pointless and distracting obsession with weight has been driven by dieticians and diet companies. The only thing that really matters from a health as well as a beauty perspective is size."

Different tactics adopted by women before a weigh-in
The diet website Go Lower surveyed 3,000 women of all age groups questioning them about the different techniques they adopted to manipulate the readings on the scale.

The researchers found that one out of every five women quizzed used an extreme tactic before a weigh-in.

The survey found that nearly 80 percent of the women weigh themselves around nine times in the course of a month in order to control their weight.

Some respondents reportedly stood on one leg in attempt to weigh their lightest while other step on the scales prior to eating.

Many women refrain from stepping on the bathroom scale after meals in the belief that the undigested food would add pounds to the result.

Nearly 10 percent of the women questioned hold their breath during a weigh-in, in a futile attempt to manipulate the result on the scale.

The strangest finding was that three percent wait for the full moon before hopping on the bathroom scales because they think they are the lightest at that time of the month.

Some other findings of the survey
Some other revelations of the survey include more than 50 percent women admitting to stripping naked before a weigh in while 40 percent visited the toilet before getting up on the scales.

The survey determined that 90 percent of British women are desperate to loose weight but nearly half of them turn out to be heavier than they had anticipated.

A rather disturbing finding of the survey was that 85 percent of the women are depressed after a disastrous weigh-in.

Sutter stated, “The bulk of the diet industry which pressures women and men with weekly weigh-ins has created the problem.

"What is worrying is just how many people are depressed or worried after a weigh-in -- 85 per cent found their day affected or ruined by the useless information they have just collected."




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