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MG helps you discover a few common tell-tale signs that normally people exhibit while lying:

1. Eyes Say It All
Now this one is commonly known rule to spot a liar. Liars are often not good at maintaining steady eye contact when they are lying.

So, try maintaining eye contact with the suspect so as to know whether they are lying or not.

In some cases, liars are so ardent to prove themselves right that in their attempt to appear truthful, they usually end up making eye contact for longer periods of time.

2. At Defensive Best
Another indication of someone lying to you is if the person starts becoming too defensive, especially in a situation where it’s not necessary.

In such situations, they try their level best to turn tables on you so that you end up feeling like you have done something wrong and not them.

They also become overly aggressive and at times refuse to answer any further questions, saying things such as, “What’s the point of answering, not that you will believe me.”

3. Look For Changes in Voice
If you suspect someone of lying, start looking for changes in his/her voice. Liars are more likely to raise the pitch of their voice to prove their point.

They are also more prone to stumble over words or take long pauses before answering certain questions.

4. Abruptly Change Subject
Liars are usually more than happy to change the subject as they fear being caught. So when they are telling their story, they often in-between try to subtly change the subject.

One of great ways to catch a liar is to initiate change of subject abruptly while the suspect is busy telling you details.

Remember, a liar is more likely to pick the opportunity to get out of the sticky situation than a person who was actually telling you the truth.

5. Explore Lesser Known Details
Liars usually tell their stories in chronological order, so by the time they finish you end up with all that you want to know. Their stories usually have long introductions with fewer details of important events.

So ask them little more about those missing details and they are bound to stumble or simply start asking them about points from their story in random order. This will confuse them enough to make a mistake.

6. Steal Words
It’s said that liars steal words and often use less contractions when lying in comparison to person telling truth.

So if someone, who’s is known to use lot of contractions while talking, suddenly starts making full statements like “I was not with her” then it might be a sign that he’s surely hiding something.

7. Pay More Attention
Liars usually prey on people’s lack of attention to detail. So when you suspect someone of lying start paying more attention to their stories.

Your attentive listening will put pressure on the person lying to you and they might make errors with the build-up facts and events that would help you uncover the truth.

So be a good listener, maintain steady eye contact, and watch them closely.

Remember that there are people who are quite adept at lying and know how to effectively cover their tracks, so don't forget to act smart!

<strong>Do you often feel that your partner or a good friend is making a fool out of you by telling you all sorts of lies? It’s high time you let the cat out of the bag.</strong>



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