Posted by Sandhya Joseph on January 19, 2011
<strong>Being emotionally available plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining healthy romantic relationships. This article lists a few things that you can do to make your spouse feel cherished and treasured.</strong>

How to Be Emotionally Available

Listen Women particularly have a need to be heard. It is a need that married men often neglect. The easiest way to be emotionally available is to focus on what your partner is saying. Don’t interrupt often. Listen attentively. Make the partner feel that you are tuned in to what is being said by nodding and making affirmative noises like uh-uh.

Many men hesitate to open up and talk in detail about things. Ask open ended questions that will encourage the partner to talk further about an issue. This might help a bit. But do not push if the partner does not want to speak up.

Touch Show your partner that you care by little affectionate touches.

Wives often complain that men initiate physical touching only when they want sex. Otherwise, the woman’s need to feel physically pampered is often ignored. Wives feel that their husbands are more interested in holding the remote control rather than holding them.

Touching each other affectionately creates a loving bond between the couple.

Women feel loved, cared for, and secure when her man strokes her hair, holds her hands, or rubs her shoulders without always wanting sex in return.

Hugging your husband, putting your arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his cheek can make him feel welcomed as he walks into the house after a long day at work.

Make Time Making time for each other is another way of being emotionally available. Call it “our together time” or “us time”. Set aside some time exclusively for your partner every week. Respect the sanctity of this period. Go out and do things together. Watch a movie together, go to a restaurant for dinner, cook together or go for a long drive. Or you could just stay home and talk with each other. Do not let work, family, children or other distractions interfere between the two of you at this moment.

Communicate Do not shut the partner out of your life. Open up about things that matter to you. Learn to verbalise. Just loving a person in your heart and mind is not enough. You have to make the other person feel like he or she is loved and cared for.

Learn to communicate via non-verbal messages as well. Make eye contact. Smile at each other. Lean in when you partner is talking to you.

Take Things Easy Just let go of your need to be right and win arguments all the time. If you partner is right or if you made a mistake, simply acknowledge it.

To become emotionally available, you have to work with your partner to find little ways of giving and receiving affection in your day to day life.





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