Posted by Sujata Chandra on January 25, 2011

Unfortunately, trust is a hard thing to re-establish once broken, especially when there are deeper cuts involved like discovering that your partner cheated on you.

Initially, nagging doubts on every small move are bound to occur, but with time and honest efforts, the damaged trust can be rebuilt. Here's what you can do to rekindle lost love.

Acknowledge Your Faults The moment you break the trust in a relationship, swallow your pride and admit your fault. Apologize and ask for forgiveness. Stay calm and humble if the person reacts after you admitted your fault.

Be Understanding Make your partner feel better by making him/her feel that you understand their problem. Furthermore, assure them that you will change your behavior and do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.

Patience is a Virtue Since the pillars of faith have been shaken, you can’t expect overnight wonders. You have to give your spouse time and space. You have to understand that it takes time and consistent efforts to restore back broken trust.

Reassure Your Spouse Reassure your spouse that you will not repeat the mistake that shook the trust in the relationship. Make him/her feel secure by following every small promise and commitment that you make.

Take Professional Help If you seem to have tried everything and nothing seems to work, don’t be hesitant in taking professional help from a counselor. Since counselors have experience in dealing with such complex issues, your relationship problem can be solved in an easier way with their help.

Though you should make every effort possible to restore trust in the relationship, do not accept being spited about the trust-breaking incident throughout your life.

It may have a negative impact on your self esteem and confidence. Move ahead in the relationship only if your partner is ready to forgive you. However, if your partner is consistently having trust issues and is not ready to forgive you, may be it's time to move on.

<strong>Trust is the building block of any relationship. Once broken, it takes a lot of care and effort to restore trust in a relationship.</strong>




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