Posted by Jasmine on January 30, 2011

Study researchers revealed that on average British women spend 336 pounds on beauty enhancement products and mere 228 pounds on gym membership and health care. In short, women are more than willing to maintain their outer beauty at the expense of their health.

While commenting on the findings, spokesman for the healthcare organization, Benenden Healthcare Society that conducted the survey, said in a press release, “There’s a real danger that British women are becoming too focused on what they look like and forgetting to look after their inner health.”

However, the outer beauty is nothing more than a beautiful illusion as the women obsessed with their appearance are not taking good care of their inner health that could spell trouble for them in future, added the spokesman.

Research findings
To arrive at this startling conclusion, study researchers interviewed nearly 3,000 women from age 18-65 years. In the survey, women were asked what matters most to them, looking beautiful or being healthy.

Researchers found that health and eating healthy featured low on women’s priority list while looking beautiful turned out to be the top most priority.

Around 19 percent women in the survey revealed that they often go on a crash-dieting to lose weight and look slim; while one in 20 admitted having used laxatives to be slim.

Nearly 14 percent reported using diet pills to lose weight and 3 percent revealed they took up smoking to lose flab. Four percent revealed having suffered from an eating disorder in the past just because they wanted to look their best and slim for a night out.

Surprisingly, a compliment on their looks is all eight out of ten women need to continue with their dangerous behavior, while one in five admitted that they are ready to “do anything” just to fit into a size eight jeans.

Worrisome findings
Study researchers and medical fraternity accepted that the study findings are not really surprising, however, are quite worrisome as women seem quite willing when it comes to sabotaging their health.

“Women can be slim and look good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. Having a balanced lifestyle should be a priority to everyone,” concluded researchers.





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