Posted by Sandhya Joseph on February 18, 2011
<strong>Distance can intervene in a romantic relationship when one partner decides to move to a new location to pursue academic goals, explore career prospects or fulfil family responsibilities.</strong>

Here are some disadvantages of long distance relationships.

1.Lack of Physical Intimacy
Physical absence of the husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend is the first challenge you will have to overcome. There will be no hugs; no kisses. You will not be able to hold him/her. You will not be able to snuggle up against each other, or hold hands, or run your hands through his/her hair.

The lack of physical intimacy is difficult for most couples to get used to. There will be moments when you will miss him/her so much, the feeling becomes overwhelmingly unbearable. The dull ever-present yearning to just hold him/her during the initial days of separation will drive you nuts. There will be tears and sleepless nights.

You can manage these feelings of loneliness by focusing more on emotional intimacy. Let technology come to the rescue. Talk to each other on the phone regularly. Send each other flirty smses and chat messages. Use the video chat feature liberally.

2. Misunderstandings Can Go Unresolved
When the two of you have an argument, the resulting misunderstanding may not get resolved for weeks. This happens when one angry partner refuses to pick up the phone or respond to sms, chat, or email messages.

To avoid such situations, couples need to develop a positive and mature outlook. Above all, they need to keep communication channels open.

3. Being Alone During Crisis
Life can be unpredictable. Crisis situations may pop up unannounced. You might get into an accident, a parent or in-law may need to be hospitalised, the house might get burglarised, your child may get into trouble at school. During such times, your partner will not be able to get to you immediately.

To deal with such emergencies, you need to develop a circle of close friends you can count on in times of need.

4. Extra Expenditure
A long distance relationship can affect your purse as well. Long conversations on the phone will mean a high phone bill. Also account for the travel expenses to be incurred. Naturally, the two of you will have to travel up and down to be with each other on weekends and holidays.

5. Risk of Infidelity
Infidelity is a very real risk in long distance relationships. Your partner may eventually form a romantic connection with someone else who is available in his/her immediate surroundings. He/she may callously forget to inform you about this. There is nothing worse than finding out from a common acquaintance that your boyfriend/girlfriend has begun dating someone else, or that you husband/wife is having an affair on the side.

To avoid such messy situations it is necessary for both partners to be honest about their feelings and needs.

Ultimately, maintaining a successful long distance relationship will take hard work, understanding, trust, patience, and honesty.



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