Posted by Jasmine on March 30, 2011

The Laboratorios Lissia in Colombia, known for developing rather bizarre beauty treatments in the recent past, recently announced that they will be showcasing an anti-aging cream called ‘Capibell Cream,’ made of snail slime, at a cosmetics exhibition in Milan, Italy next week.

Interestingly, according to Laboratorios Lissia, the new anti-aging skin cream, worth 10 pounds, not just nourishes skin and makes it smooth and supple but at the same time reduces wrinkles.

The company is all set to launch the Capibell Cream that contains 20-80 percent of snail slime extract in UK and Milan stores later this year.

How this treatment originated
Snail slime has long been believed to be rich in nutrients that are not just good for humans’ skin but can also reverse aging process by moisturizing and tightening skin.

The new anti-aging treatment was developed by the lab when employees breeding snails in for aquariums use, reported that after handling the slimy critters their hands felt softer and smoother than before.

Ever since company started cultivating snails in special aquarium to produce more slime so they can introduce a new anti-aging treatment.

It is being reported that after snail slime anti-aging cream, the Laboratorios Lissia, is considering developing a skin scrub (worth 60 pounds) that will be made of diamond powder.

In the past, the beauty lab has developed anti-wrinkle products that were made out of ingredients extracted from snake venom.

Bizarre beauty treatments and products
These days people, especially women, from all walks of life, are ready to try anything that promises beauty and youthfulness and there’s no scarcity of bizarre beauty treatments in this world.

Feet-nibbling fish also known as “doctor fish” belongs to the carp family and is used worldwide to for unique fish pedicure treatments at spas. The treatment had originated in Turkey and ever since had spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.

However, it has been banned across 14 states in the United States, as authorities believe fish cannot to be properly “disinfected or sterilized.”

Since 1020 A.D. leech therapy has been used to treat skin ailments and for helping surgery patients recover afterwards. However, these days, it’s used to regain youthful appearance.

A lavish New York beauty salon uses bird poop to provide its clients with glowing and younger looking skin.



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