Posted by Simmy Mishra on September 24, 2011
<strong>Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The planetary distinction brings along an array of behavioural aspects specific to both the genders that may or may not always be pleasant when in a relationship. The Med Guru guides you on 'what not to do' if you want your Cupid to stay along.</strong>

Here is the most basic countdown of 7 most commonly made mistakes that turn men off.

1. Don’t Nag
Men have always been a little less inclined towards meticulous details and perfection. To them all that matters is the bigger picture.
So if you are trying to get your partner develop an expertise at something that he undoubtedly is failing consistently at, don’t get all worked up. And why not, look at the ‘complaining’ you, you’d only derive irritation from him!

2. Stop Smothering
Women often confuse smothering with mothering. While a motherly love is always welcome, smothering makes men feel suffocated and confined. Telling men how careless they are or how irresponsible doesn’t enlighten them.

So even when you want to help, always remember your partner isn’t some two year old to not know.

3. The Silent Treatment
This is perhaps the favourite among women and most detested among men. Going silent on some argument or disagreement doesn’t light up some bulb in the man’s head.

Talk to him if you want your partner to do something, he cannot read your mind.

4. Making Plans Without Asking
They most definitely have a life and they are very particular about their space. Never make plans and fix appointments without asking them. Your spouse or boyfriend may have planned something already in advance and this is quite a turn off.

5. Over-Pleasing
This was a consistent winner. A good handful of women think praising and appreciating to get things done works. But wake up girl! They have instincts too and they know when you are faking it and when you know it for real!

6. Cracking Jokes About His Dumbness
Even men make mistakes. You will rarely find them talking about your daily ignorance flaws in a crowd and making merry about it. Don’t do it to them then. They have a royal ego and hurting it won’t get you any stars.

7. Respect their Friends
Many women devalue their spouse’s friends as unimportant indulgences. If your friends were so dear to you why wouldn’t your partner’s friends be to him?

Show respect and provide space if your partner or spouse wants some time away with his friends. Women who suffocate their guys are definitely not welcomed.




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