Posted by Akshay Sharma on October 06, 2012
My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practising all night. John Philpot Curran

Consistent coughing is one of the most irritating symptoms one has to endure due to different reasons. Initially, it does no serious harm to your overall well being, but when it doesn’t end, it directly hinders our sleeping pleasure.
Spoiling the whole night rest, it causes an irritable next day. Let us give you an overview of the five major reasons that makes the throat itchy and leads to never ending coughing at night.

It is one of world's most common breathing diseases, often related to irregular gasping of air. Asthma that usually produces dry cough as a symptom, shouldn't be ignored. When coughing doesn't end, consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

The blockage in sinusitis causes the mucous to drip down the throat, making way for more severe infections. The mucous keeps clogging inside, causing a blocked nose: remember when you aren't able to breath from nose and mouth does all the job. A doctor may prescribe allergic medicines, or even certain sprays. Though odious, the prescribed procedure should be followed immediately to cleanse the system as soon as possible and prevent further problems.

Acid reflux
Sometimes, the acid in our stomach that causes heartburn and indigestion passes into our lungs. This usually happens when we lie down. Also known as GERD, acid reflux can be detected with simple experiment.
Just eat your dinner just a little early in the evening, and then sleep with your head elevated at least 6 inches. OTC medications are a suitable alternates to check reflux acids.

Iron deficiency
Deficiency of nutrients should never be overlooked. As they say prevention is better than cure, if one lack proper nutrients in his diet, then he may have to suffer severe chronic cough. A diet deficient of iron creates swelling in the throat that leads to non stop coughing and even throat pain. If you are assured that iron deficiency might be the cause, then Iron supplements are enough to suppress down coughing and other symptoms.

Sometimes, medicines such as ACE inhibitors that are recommended to check high blood pressure, cause a side effect of itchy dry coughing. Coughing suspected as a side effects should be immediately checked.



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