Posted by Minnie Mahendru on October 12, 2012

Bikram Yoga or hot Yoga

Yoga promises to make a person look and feel younger. Bikram Yoga, popularly referred to as Hot Yoga, offers a bit more: 90 minute session of excessive sweating, straining and stretching along with breathing techniques.

The Hot Yoga technique includes 26 poses accompanied by two breathing exercises in one session. The poses are conjured in a way that they compress the muscles in order to decrease the blood flow in one pose and allow its surge in the subsequent.

The yogic exercises are done in a fat frying atmosphere with high temperatures and humidity.

The heat therapy

Bikram Chaudhary introduced the technique to the world circa 1970 and holds its copyrights. The classrooms are prepared with aesthetic guidelines, and a specific studio layout. The technique insists that the heat permits the person exercising to stretch deeply and perform the postures to maximize body function and maintain optimum health.

The heated atmosphere makes the body more pliable allowing a wider range of motion. The 90 minute session prompts detoxification in the body “You do sweat out some things from the kidneys and the pancreas,” they say. Hot yoga can also alleviate chronic diseases and regenerate tissues, it is claimed.

The questions

But does the extra heat prompt the body into an over stressed situation? “When you do this type of training in the high heat, your body has to work a lot harder to thermoregulate. If you jump right into a 90-minute workout, then you could be overtaxing your body,” says an expert.

It is claimed that the hot yoga does end up increasing the flexibility in the body, with a prominent weight loss but “But if you’re looking for strength or some of the other benefits, then it might not have an effective response.”

The latest weight loss delight for the people may be just due to the temporary water loss. Is it actually burning effective calories remains to be seen!





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