Posted by Onika Singh on October 22, 2012
<strong>At times we take to group classes as this seems like a fun and sexy idea to go for the non-contemporary weight loss or exercise programs. But without the proper vision and assistance these can turn out differently altogether</strong>

The Class: Speed and Heavy Bag Boxing
Common Injuries: Sprains and strains in the wrists (à la Jennifer Love Hewitt)
How it Happens: Not wearing proper protective gear, using poor punch technique
Prevention Tip: Wrap your fists, and throw a proper punch.

Wrap your hands before the boxing practice to support your bones and prevent injury. Make sure the wrist is placed straight and start placing the loop from your thumb. First three times wrap around your wrist and then the palm of your hands. Then reach your fingers, beginning with the pinkie. Twist the wrap directly below the thumb and loop back up through each finger. If left, wrap the fabric around the wrist and knuckles and then bind with the velcro.

Also the added advantage is to know how to throw a punch correctly, keep your palm down, fists tight, and make sure to touch at least four fingers to the bag, as the pressure is then divided into your wrists.

The Class: Cycling
Common Injury: Knee pain
How it Happens: Setting the bike up incorrectly
Prevention Tip: Get to class early.

Reach ample of time before the class so you have buffer time to adjust your seat. Move the seat forwards and backwards until your front knee reaches the over the pedal axle directly when sitting. Adjust the height at a level where your knee has a 30 degree bend when other reaches at the base.

Don't forget the handlebars to adjust at a level where there is a slight bend in your elbow.

The Class: Zumba
Common Injury: Stress fractures in the knee, ankle, and foot
How it Happens: Wearing improper footwear, poor jumping technique
Prevention Tip: To protect your knees while jumping, never do a straight landing. Always bend your knee while landing. Also a pair of relevant sneakers will keep your knees and ankles injuries away.

The Class: Yoga
Common Injury: Wrist and lower back pain
How it Happens: Performing poses or distributing weight incorrectly
Prevention Tip: To reduce the pressure or even body weight distribution in any 'asan', spread your fingers wide and press through the fingertip, this will reduce the amount of pressure on the wrist. While doing floor stretches, sit on a level platform, such as a block or the pile of blanket to stop rounding of the spine. Before bending exercises, stretch the spine to avoid the backache.

The Class: Group Resistance Training
Common Injury: Muscle strain and repetitive stress injuries
How it Happens: Using too much weight, doing too many reps, or not varying exercises
Prevention Tip: Bringing change in the exercise pattern and workout will help avoiding over-training and also to keep injuries at bay like (lateral, forwards and backwards, up and down).

The Class: Pilates
Common Injury: Neck discomfort
How it Happens: Having weak abs and neck flexors
Prevention Tip: If your body is resistant to something stop it. If it hurts,do the realignment and the rhythmic breathing and try again. If there is a repetitive manner take break. Try taking private lessons to get used to the pattern before jumping into a group calls.





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