Posted by Minnie Mahendru on November 27, 2012

Pick a small sized plate

It has been recorded that people eating from large sized plates normally have a higher BMI. The large plate probably gives the impression of lesser amount of food on the plate. Another reason could be one tends to load more food in plate to combat the empty space. So choose a small plate that restricts the amount you put on it .

Leave the excuses to overeat

Never come to the table hungry. A starved person gorges heavily on the delicacies spread in front of him. Keep your eyes open for portion control and never give up good eating habits.

Marjorie Nolan, RD, a national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and a nutrition and fitness consultant states “We always talk about how not to overeat at the party. But the day after can be just as challenging.” she says. People are often heard saying, “I’m already overeating, so I’ll wait until Monday to resume my good eating habits.” Don’t put it off, now is the right time. Exercise control and eat a few carrots or almonds before going for a party.

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping a healthy breakfast increases chances of obesity by nearly 500% say the experts. All it does is reduce metabolic activity, so the food eaten later burns off at a much slower rate. The “breakfast starved” people makes the people hog on more food whenever they get a chance.

No need to wipe the plate clean

If you want to stay away from the calories please do not wipe the food plate! The world won’t turn around if you leave a few untouched morsels on your plate, as we normally overstuff our plates. Eat half of your plateful and save the other half for tomorrow should be your motto.

Drink enough water

Water is very important to hydrate our bodies but is equally important to add fullness to stomach, thus controlling the amount we eat. A hydrated person has smooth functioning body functions.

Shut off the televisions at meal times

Nolan cautions “If you are going to watch TV and eat, prepare your meal fully and portion it out. Once you’ve eaten what’s on your plate, stop. Also, give yourself a set time frame. Eat during just one half-hour show and not all night with the TV on” . Randomly watching TV and eating means one continues to eat without realizing the stomach is full.

Healthy food habits

Leave the refined sugars and flours for a rare occasion. It takes ages to burn them off. You can replace them with a very small lean protein instead. Burn more calories than you eat, this is possible by restricting the portion you eat.

Quit the calorie dense food aside and eat the healthy fruits and vegetables instead. Exercise promotes metabolism, so don’t laze around, and get moving for every small task.

You know what? Adopt one good food habit every week and follow it religiously, and discover a new you!





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