Posted by Minnie Mahendru on December 05, 2012

Taupe for the eyes

Don’t drown in the eye shadow box! You don’t need oodles of glam shadows to add the zing to the looks. Just dab on taupe. Laura Geller, brand founder and makeup artist says “Taupe is a universal and super functional tone for the eyes since it matches every wardrobe and works on all skin tones.” So blend a dot of cream taupe on the eyelids and blend into crease. Use smudged brown or black eyeliner as a top line for the glam effect with a mascara and go smoky but in a subtle manner.

Refresh the dull eyes

Had a tiring night out the previous day? The eyes look dull, do they? So say a “no” to smokey eyes and go liberal on the gold touch. Celebrity makeup artist, Mally Roncal says. “I then blend a shimmery champagne shadow on the inside corners of eyes and outwards to make them appear bigger and brighter,” to give a wide eyed look. Then go on to the mascara and the curled eyelashes to give a fresh look.

Make up for radiance

A luminous sheen needs to be splashed on to dull skin to give a young look. “Red carpet celebrities go to great lengths to achieve natural, radiant complexions to look younger,” affirms the Geller experience. Use an illuminator before foundation or spray refresher on top of the completed makeup.

A low-glow sheer beige can add delicate gleam to the skin making it glow “Sweep it on the height of cheekbones, across each brow bone and into the inner corners of eyes to create dimension and to highlight bone structure,” elucidates Geller.

Use Red

“Red is such a sexy and jubilant color that’s a great way to add a punch and instantly change your look,” insists makeup artist Molly Stern. “Opaque red may be too much and requires that you adjust the rest of your makeup, but a sheer splash of the color is so easy to wear and instantly warms up your complexion,” confirms the ace artist.

Great Nails

The tackiest thing is to dress up like a glam mod and have ugly hands and nails. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann says that “A touch of gold or silver across the top looks like jewelry,” this should be applied on the nails she explains. “To get your metallic tips to last longer, be sure to apply your topcoat on the sides and underside of your nails, too.” The touch up can give a new freshly manicured look.

Keep the hair styles simple

You are on a holiday, show it!! It’s the simple styles that attract the most attention and are the easiest to manage. No bad hair dos, no messy locks, just plain elegance.

“During the holiday season, it can be as easy as dressing up a simple ponytail to make it look clean and chic,” asserts celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend.

“The modern version is softer and more romantic with just the hair from temples pulled back, leaving the hair above the ears down,” more glam touch can be added by a glitzy pin or a brooch along with some smart earrings explains Townsend.




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