Posted by Savvy Aggarwal on December 08, 2012

Are you one of those who apply layers and layers of sunscreen lotions and avoid stepping into the sun to the maximum? Well if your answer is 'yes' then you might want to reconsider your habit for the doctors and researchers are unanimously backing the healthy benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

The latest reviews and studies published in 'Nutrition Reviews' confirm that Vitamin D can play a major role in preventing tooth decay.

The reviews are based on a series of clinical trials and tests conducted over as many as 3,000 children in 24 clinics. The results have proved that regular supplementation of Vitamin D can reduce the risk of tooth decay by a whopping 50%.

During the clinical trials, Vitamin D was provided to children in the form of either diet products rich in Vitamin D, for example cod liver oil, or though supplemental UV radiation.

This is largely because Vitamin D helps the body systems in absorbing calcium, which is the main constituent of our teeth. Research proves that in absence of Vitamin D, the body can absorb only 15% of the calcium present in the food items while Vitamin D can raise the absorption levels to 30-40%. And thus Vitamin D has a major role to play when it comes to keeping our bones and teeth strong and healthy.

The researchers have also warned that a strong deficiency of Vitamin D in the bodies of children can cause both late teething as well as an early and fast tooth decay. It can lead to rickets in children and can cause osteoporosis among adults that often entails fractures and other skeletal deformities. The lack of Vitamin D in body has also been cited as a major factor when it comes to cancers, hypertension and various autoimmune as well as infectious diseases.

Apart from the dental benefits, Vitamin D greatly reduces the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease among adults. A recent study confirmed that the women who enjoy high levels of Vitamin D in their bodies have lowest risk to develop Alzheimer's in future.

And while diet supplementation might be good enough, the best way to eat up Vitamin D is still exposing your body to the sunshine. However, you should be careful while doing so as excessive exposure to UV radiations have many ill-effects on body health and well-being.


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