Posted by Minnie Mahendru on December 08, 2012

Walk along the romantic winds

Saunter around in the wilds with your loved one held close. Just a slow stroll of just about 2 miles/hour can help one get rid of 150 calories. A mild increase in speed to about 3.5 miles/hour can help you burn 250 calories in an hour’s time. A Boston University study confirms that chances of impotency are reduced if a man takes a 2 mile walk daily.

Massage your partner

A good massage and rub down not only stimulates the mood but also helps you shed 290 calories in an hour’s time. Best results are got if you keep standing while massaging to get a mutual calorie burning benefit.

The sexy pole dance

You may lose out on the money bit but the most voluptuously sexy way of looking gorgeous is on the pole performing the pole dance. Go ahead and enroll for a pole dancing class at the dance studio or gym. A 60 minute class will not only help in losing 600 calories but also help in improving flexibility, building the muscular strength besides blasting off the unwanted calories. Pole dance is a wonderful way of feeling super sexy.

Go the Latin way of dance

The sexiest way to gyrate around is raunchily do a salsa, tango, cha-cha, or the rumba. The libidinal energy rushes to the forefront and the calories fall off the backs after a sexy but strenuous dancing session. Not only do you boogie away arousing desire in your partner but also end up trimming down by throwing off nearly 200 calories per hour of dance.

Get into the pool

Some skin display? The exposure of the soft smooth skin can be a great allure for the partner. Combine the sensuous looks with a strenuous swimming session. A casual and laid back swim can help knock off 435 calories/ hour. Just a tread in the water helps rid of 290 calories. A relaxing swim helps perk up the mood, remove depression, and keep the anxiety at bay. So combine the exercise with the touching session in the cool waters.

Kiss the blues away

A kiss can infuse life into a dead person, remember- snow white. But surprise of surprises an hour of intimate kissing session can help kick away 70 calories. So get closer to shove away the calories.

Finally get the closest you can dream of. Snuggle under the sheets, remove the clothing and rush headlong all the way, to get rid of 100 calories in an hour performing the "de-stressing and relaxing" stamina exercise.



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