Posted by Neelam Goswami on January 15, 2009

New York, United States, January 15: It has been believed for decades that blondes have more fun and that men prefer blondes over brunettes, but the facts suggest the opposite.

A new study has now revealed that dark-haired women earn more and are more successful in the workplace and the bedroom than blondes or redheads.

A survey of 6,000 people, both men and women, by cosmetics line Garnier has showed that women with dark hair are more likely to earn a salary of over $65,000 a year than their fellow blonde or redheaded colleagues.

More than 75 percent thought brunettes were the brainiest women, while 71 percent of men picked brunettes as their ideal partners.

The poll also revealed that dark-haired women are the most successful in love and relationship. A quarter of the surveyed brunettes have rated themselves as above average in bed, considerably more than blondes and redheads.

Color psychologist Anjula Mutanda says that brown hair goes hand in hand with confidence and self-awareness, and that it was a good option for women who wanted more gravitas.

“Some hair colors tend to darken naturally with age and so brown hair can be associated with confidence and self-awareness. These positive qualities instill a sense of trust and assurance which is mirrored in how others behave towards them. Therefore many women who become brunettes often report a difference in reaction to them - for the better.” Mutanda explained.

The latest survey findings contradict earlier research results that suggested dyeing blonde hair in order to perk up the sex appeal. A team of experts from Nottingham Trent University In September last year showed a link between a sexually active behavior and hair dye. The study claimed that women who dye their hair blonde are more sexually active.

Hair coloring is the latest fashion trend, and more and more people now-a-days color their hair to look all new. Some believe that a hair color can add shine, drama and fun to their hairstyle, while for others it is probably the quickest way to change their looks.

Today there are a number of colors one can choose from, but if you want to experience a boost in feelings of attractiveness towards the opposite sex and general confidence, go for dark color, the latest survey indicates.

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