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For most of the women the wish to become pregnant is one of the strongest instincts. Therefore, pregnancy is a time of great fulfillment and happiness. It is also a time for many changes like physical, emotional and psychological. The pregnant woman should understand all these changes in order to draw emotional satisfaction.

If a woman understands the concept of pregnancy well and take care of herself and her growing foetus throughout the term, she will be healthy at the time of conception and even after that.

Physical and psychological care plays an important role to keep her health in good condition.

Physical care

1. Physical examination

The doctor should take regular tests of the pregnant woman to ensure that the mother is healthy. The tests are done to avoid complications.

2. Sleep

Sleep provides rest to the brain and also to repair the worn out tissues of certain nerves. Tiredness is one of the natural phenomena of pregnancy and the mother may feel tired and lassitude. Doctors advised 10 hours rest daily throughout the term.

3. Care of breasts

A sensation of fullness and tenderness in the breasts is an early symptom of pregnancy and is followed by enlargement of breasts as the pregnancy progresses. It is advisable throughout pregnancy to wear a comfortable brassiere, giving adequate support to prevent sagging.

It should be seen that the nipples should be kept clean and are made soft and firm by massage.

4. Care of teeth

Care of teeth is extremely important during pregnancy because they are prone to decay due to calcium deficiency. Use medium or soft brush and the mouth should be rinsed with mouth wash if gums bleed.

5. Drugs, smoking and alcohol

Smoking has bad effect on the health of pregnant woman as it reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the foetus in the uterus. Intake of alcohol can cause congenial abnormalities to the foetus and should be avoided.

Generally all types of drugs should be avoided during pregnancy except those prescribed by the doctor.

6. Clothing

Clothing should be made of such material so as to provide comfort to the lady. Tight fitted clothes should be avoided as it interferes with normal circulation of blood, respiration, growth of the foetus, etc. even undergarments and shoes should not be tight.

7. Care of the skin

Many pregnant mothers worry about being left with permanent stretch marks on the skin after child birth. Special cream or olive oil is of great help to keep the skin tissues soft and elastic.

8. Posture of the body

Correct posture while performing different activities is important as it may help to prevent fatigue. With good posture and daily exercises, the abdominal muscles will retain their elasticity and will recover after delivery.

9. Diet

A well balanced diet is required at all stages of life and especially during pregnancy when the nutrients are consumed by both woman and the foetus.

10. Psychological care

A pregnant lady should be emotionally stable in all circumstances. She should not react immediately to the minor household or health problems. Too much of anxiety regarding the arrival of the child should be avoided.

At last one can say that a pregnancy which goes through the usual span of 280 days needs thorough observation and advise of the doctor. Physical as well as psychological care is required to avoid various discomforts and complications.

Gunika Khurana

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