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Perfect abs is what most of the men dream of but eating right measures up to a good amount in making your dream come true. For a perfect build, exercise or diet alone is not enough. Watch what you eat, for it contributes as much as exercises do in chiseling your body.

Lay importance on the right kind of food while keeping up with your exercise routines. This fuels the body while working out and also burns excessive stored fat. A very common belief is that you will bloat if you eat more. Surprisingly, that is not true at all. Crash diets, poor exercise regimen, wrong or excessive intake is the reason for the underlying fats on your tummy covering your abs.

• Have five to six smaller portions through the day to keep you energized and your metabolism high. This will curb overeating.

• Building abs is difficult because midsection is the area where most of the people store fat. Consume calories which can be burnt easily; else rest of them is converted to fat. To reveal your abs you need to consume less than you burn, so that your fat storage is used up during exercising.

• Crash diets make you lethargic and leave you craving for food. So, you reach for whatever is available and savor it. This makes room for fat to get stored. Remember, crash diets may help initially but later weight gain is accelerated.

• Staying unoccupied, emotional disturbances or just a foodie; you could well be a victim of binge-eating which is another serious trouble for your health.

• Foods with whole cereal and fibrous content like wheat bread, wheat noodles, brown pasta, brown rice etc which are good carbohydrate sources for the body should be on your list. They are absorbed slowly through the day, thus, giving you time to use up the fuel while working out. But keep out the refined carbohydrates i.e. foods made from refined (white) flour. These have a tendency to get stored in body as fats, again, due to quick digestion.

• Excess of carbohydrates, fat and protein will increase fat deposits. Don’t totally avoid these, balance their intake throughout the day. Cut down on saturated fats. Introduce olive oil in your food. Try grilled and stir fried food as they consume little oil. Include more raw portions like fruits and salads to increase fiber in diet.

• Stay away from sugar or sugar based foods like cookies, fizzy drinks, candies, processed juices, canned fruits, etc. It gets stored as fat very quickly since it is digested quickly and generally, is not used up in full amounts.

• Protein intake builds muscles which take you closer towards great abs. Fish, grains, nuts, chicken, lean meat and beans are good protein sources.

• Don’t be excessively time-bound to achieve a particular set of results. Give yourself enough time to adjust to the exercise regime to build up gradually. Going excessively fast can result in stiff muscles and may leave you exhausted. Don’t over-expect from your body and exercise. It won’t yield miraculous results overnight. Be gradual and regular.

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