Posted by Riya Chauhan on April 01, 2009

Scotland, April 1: Rosy complexion is a sign of good health while paleness denotes illness, suggests a new study.

Scientists at the St Andrews University in Scotland set out to illustrate the variation of skin color corresponding to the amount of oxygen or sex hormonesdefine in the blood.

Volunteers in the study were asked to enhance photographs of men and women using computer graphics to make them look healthy. Most of the participants added reddish tinge to the skin of their subjects.

"Parents and doctors know that when you get ill, you can end up looking pale. Our research goes further and shows that even young, healthy university students can benefit from a complexion reflecting more blood and more oxygen in the skin,” said Ian Stephen, psychologist and lead researcher of the study.

Interestingly, the participants added bright red to the faces in the pictures, irrespective of the ethnicity of the subject.

According to the scientists, a rosy glowing complexion is attributed to more blood vessels, which in turn, are attributed to physical fitness.

Healthier people usually have more blood vessels and flush easier than the unhealthy. "Our skin contains many tiny blood vessels that carry blood laden with oxygen to the skin cells, allowing them to 'breathe', and allowing us to lose heat during exercise,” said Stephen.

Good health is related to increased blood flow to the skin where as a lack of oxygen in the blood can give a blue tint to skin indicative of ill health, said the researchers in the journal PLoS (Public Library of Science) ONE.

Scientists were surprised to discover that people could indentify the ‘subtle difference’ in dark red color of the oxygenated blood and bluish-tinge of the deoxygenated blood.

Physically fit people not only have more and better circulation of oxygenated blood they also have increased levels of sex hormones, which also contribute to the rosy glow on one’s face.

Exercising regularly and giving up smoking are the recommended ways of bringing out that rosy hue on your face. Women can sure reach out for their blushers but they’d only help you put-on a fake expression of being healthy. The best way to look attractive with a glowing face is to gain some good health.

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