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Don’t want to be pregnant in this phase and also concerned whether your partner would have condom in hand? Well, females can use condom to prevent pregnancy and also make themselves less vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. The brand names such as Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Beyond Seven, Trustex, inspiral, Kimono, Pleasure Plus, Crown, Ria and Impulse are available online and are easily accessible.

Studies conducted in this field state that the female condoms may reduce the chances of pregnancy in a year by 20 times.

What is female condom?

The female condom functions akin to male condom; the only difference is that it is placed into the vagina. It’s bigger than the male condom with a flexible inner ring that stays an inch away from the vagina.

After the female inserts it into the vagina, males can insert their penis into it. When you’re using the female condom make it a point that the males must not use condoms as the friction between the two can slit the condoms.

How to use Condom?

1. First check the expiry date of the female condom package
2. Next open the condom with dexterity by tearing at the notch on the top right of the package
3. Clasp the inner ring at the terminating end of the condom and then crush them in the middle to keep it long and narrow
4. Then as per your convenience insert it by either squatting or raising one leg
5. Next place the inner ring and sheath into the vaginal opening
6. Introduce the inner ring into the vagina and move it up into its right place
7. Place the index finger on the inner side of the condom.
8. Then push the inner ring into vagina till a point it can extend, however, be careful that you do not twist the sheath
9. The outer ring should stay outside the vagina
10. Then guide the penis into the condom so that the penis does not slip into the vagina outside the condom
11. Okay, now the removal! Hold the outer ring of the female condom and twist before you pull it. This is meant to keep any semen inside the ring.
12. Now throw the condom away

Pros and Cons of Using Female Condoms


1. Female condom is available without prescription. It is usually found in drugstores and supermarkets
2. It does not have any effect on a woman’s natural hormones
3. Even if man loses his erection, it still stays in place
4. Improves your sexual experience as it triggers clitoris during the vaginal intercourse
5. It can also be used by people who have latex allergy as it is made up of polyurethane
6. It even can be inserted a few hours before the intercourse
7. Hey you can even use bathroom even if the condom is inserted

1. Female condom bothers the vagina, vulva, penis or anus
2. It can slip into the vagina during the intercourse
3. Initially it can turn out to be a difficult thing to insert
4. It creates louder noise while having sex. This can be averted with the aid of more lubricant

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